To provide thoughtful, logical, researched information from reputable researchers/scientists/virologists, et al that counter the mainstream narrative regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and response. 


We summarize credible information gathered from reputable global sources reporting on the COVID-19 outbreak and response. 


PrepareforChange.net along with Life Force Assemblies research and present findings to educate the public. 


Further, we petition government and our public leaders holding them accountable for their actions while countering their push for compliance.


In addition, we use Constitutional and International laws to illuminate illegal mandates and punishment of those who object to colluding policies. 


Your mask won't work unless I wear one?

Let me guess your stance on vaccines?

Our Mission

Planetary Freedom. Human Empowerment.

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Our Vision

Through education and spreading information, we will organize and inform the world of their choices to accept fraudulent and criminal actions of an organized depopulation agenda.

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