Flawed Covid Testing

In Brief

  • Trump said to slow testing down because it over inflated the numbers of cases while not reflecting the actual number of sick or hospitalized individuals 

  • Fauci advises to increase daily testing sparking more fear as reported case numbers rose

  • PCR and other rapid tests techniques are now shown to have been flawed 

  • Changes to testing methods are now showing a decrease in cases 

  • Flawed testing methods were used as the excuse to lockdown businesses, schools and churches causing emotional and economic crisis for business owners, and hardships for struggling families and students

  • Many people tested positive with no symptoms

  • Positive test results have no bearing on mortality rates

What is the justification for testing and vaccination when:

  • Testing results were misleading or falsified

  • Death rates in 2020 were exaggerated toward Covid-19 while normal causes of death such as from pre-existing conditions were all but eliminated.

  • Studies showed that MRNA vaccinated animals when exposed to the coronavirus sometime later, 20% or 50% or 100% of the animals died. We are seeing this happen in the human population of vaccinated individuals.

  • Among people over 80, maybe about 2.5% of the vaccinated will experience severe side effects, adverse events where people cannot work or live life normally.

  • The approval of the COVID-19 vaccines by the EMA was premature and reckless.

  • The administration of the vaccines constitutes ‘human experimentation’, which was and still is in violation of the Nuremberg Code.”

Flawed Covid Testing Data Leads to Hospitals Inflating Number of Covid19 Patients Across the Nation 
The Flawed Testing Regime


The CDC has had to walk back quite a few claims since February 2020. One of the largest was the actual number of deaths from Covid vs deaths from pre-existing conditions. Deaths in 2020 were all to be considered Covid related if a person had any similar symptoms despite having passed from other preexisting conditions.

The PCR Tests have been shown to be flawed and some that came from China were found to be contaminated in early 2020.  While the cases of Covid-19 rose during the rapid test phase, the number of deaths stayed at the same rate or lower from previous year’s flu seasons. The public was told repeatedly that there was a pandemic, when in fact it’s more of a “case-demic” as the majority of those who tested positive have no symptoms. Yet positive test results, regardless of accuracy. have been used to initiate contact tracing and home isolation.  

Testing for Corona Virus by Ross Walter, Nutritionist and Naturopath

PRESIDENT OF TANZANIA EXPOSES THE FAKE COVID-19 TESTING KITS (Video link of his recent disappearance and  death)


The testing for Covid involved running the testing multiple times to replicate enough genetic materiel to show a positive result. PCR tests analyze genetic matter from the virus in cycles and today's tests typically take 37 or 40 cycles, but experts say this is too high because it detects very small amounts of the virus that don't pose a risk. Repeating the cycles of testing is producing false positives. Healthy people are testing positive due to flawed testing techniques.

A disease can be very infectious (spreads easily) but have a low CFR (Case Fatality Rate) due to the nature of the disease as well as the presence of vaccinations and treatments, whilst other diseases are not as infectious but are more deadly.

Whether it was error of on purpose, some people reported they signed up for the covid test but never took it. Yet they  received a letter stating they tested positive!

  • This is not a vaccine to prevent illness – No guarantees

  • Gene Therapy via RNA Manipulation - Experimental

  • You are part of a trial and can still contract the disease

  • No guarantee of immunity - Vaccine only lessons symptoms

  • You can still spread the disease

  • vaers.hhs.gov


“I'm just beside myself with anger over this synthetic gene therapy, this chemical poison, and what they're doing worldwide,” Mikovits says. “We're already seeing deaths from this shot. It's illegal. It shouldn't be done. It should be stopped right now. It should have never been allowed to happen, yet we see it being forced on the most vulnerable populations.”

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