Healing from Covid

In Brief

What are your chances if exposed to Covid-19?  Per the CDC, your chances of surviving exposure to Covid-19 are:

  • Young adults under 20 years of age have a 99.97% survival rate

  • Ages 20-49 have a 99.98% survival rate

  • Ages 50-69 99.5% and this is with no treatment.

  • Those over 70 still have a 95% or higher survival rate without treatment and higher survivability with treatment.

Those who died with Covid-19 had with preexisting conditions. The vast majority who died were the frail elderly in nursing homes who were not protected from exposure. It’s very unfortunate that patients who had symptoms of the virus were allowed to go back to the nursing homes where they exposed others to the virus and caused a large number of elderly to die.

Healing from Covid:

Many people have been frightened and confused by the information put forth by mainstream media. The death toll has be used to pressure the public into requesting some form of vaccination that would prevent them from catching this novel strain of virus “from China.”

What the media white coats and White House medical staff have not told the public is how low the transmission rate actually is with low chance of catching CV. Even if you do, the survivability rate is high.

TV doctors rarely mention what supplements can be taken during cold and flu seasons to bolster your own immune system. They certainly did not want to mention safe and inexpensive treatments that have been around for about 65 years and used to prevent or treat Malaria, Lupus, to prevent swelling and pain from arthritis, to treat certain skin problems and parasitic conditions (such as with malaria). One such treatment is Hydroxychloroquine.

  • Hydroxychloroquine is a synthetic derivative of a compound called quinine. Quinine is a naturally occurring compound in plants. The origins of quinine have been traced to the tree bark of a genus of plants called Cinchona. Cinchona trees and shrubs are native to South America and was used as early as the 17th century by Inca herbalists to treat malaria.

Another successful drug that works rapidly in treating the corona virus is Ivermectin. It’s been used safely for decades to treat family pets, farm animals, and humans, from parasites and worms. The use of Ivermectin is associated with lower mortality rates in hospitalized patients with coronavirus Disease.

  • Both Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectine are effective and work best when taken at early onset of symptoms.

  • Both drugs are safe and FDA approved for their stated purpose but are approved for emergency use during the corona virus outbreak.

  • Both drugs reverse symptoms within one to two days and both are very inexpensive

  • HCQ and Ivermectine can be taken as a prophylactic to prevent catching the virus

There is a Cure For Covid
We Already Have the Best Prevention From Infection - Our Body


  • The Corona virus is not highly transmissible.

  • Chances of survival if exposed to or infected by corona virus are high.

  • There are inexpensive and effective treatments and prophylactics for viral infections.

  • Viruses can be prevented by eating healthy and taking supplements to boost the immune system both before and during an infection for faster recovery.

  • You stand a better chance of recovering from the virus with good care and the treatments summarized here and detailed on the treatments page than you do from taking the experimental therapy.


“I'm just beside myself with anger over this synthetic gene therapy, this chemical poison, and what they're doing worldwide,” Mikovits says. “We're already seeing deaths from this shot. It's illegal. It shouldn't be done. It should be stopped right now. It should have never been allowed to happen, yet we see it being forced on the most vulnerable populations.”


Prevention - How to Build Your Immune System Naturally

  • Cold and flu season comes around every year and we can bolster our immune system by taking a few supplements: If you have concerns about taking more higher doses than what the manufacturer recommends, please consult with your family physician to prevent taking harmful amounts of any supplement, or by finding out if you are deficient in a vitamin and need to increase your intake through certain food groups or by supplementation.

  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells, fight inflammation and prevent infections. It is an essential nutrient involved in collagen formation (building new skin), iron absorption and to keep your immune system healthy.

  • Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin as it can be produced when your skin is exposed to sunlight. However, in winter seasons or in locations where daylight is limited, vitamin D needs to be supplemented. Vitamin D is essential for healthy skin and hair. It works in conjunction with vitamin C to for healthy bone growth and repair and it regulates calcium. A and B-6 both aid in the development of new white blood cells -- the immune cells that recognize and attack pathogens -- while vitamin D regulates white blood cell function. Vitamin D also triggers the release of antimicrobial proteins used to help kill pathogens, while vitamin B-6 controls the release of cytokines -- a family of proteins that stimulate an immune response.

  • Zinc is an essential mineral that our body cannot make itself. It’s obtained from certain foods and supplements. Zinc is vital for immune health such as maintaining our skin, healing wounds and controlling the cells that fight infections. Studies have shown people who are deficient in zinc are more susceptible to infections while people with sufficient amounts recovered faster from colds, flu and the corona virus. Zinc is also important and linked to our sense of taste and smell which is noted as a symptom of corona virus.

  • Quercetinan is an antiviral Agent that Inhibits the Influenza A Virus (IAV). The study below indicates that quercetin inhibits viral activity when used in the early stage of influenza infection. It also provides a future therapeutic option to develop safe, effective and affordable natural products for the treatment and prevention of IAV infections. 

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