Planned Chaos

In Brief

There are many reasons that go very deep into why this whole pandemic is a planned event by the very wealthy of our society. The year 2020 was intended to be the beginning of a global transition of power which you've probably heard called the Great Reset, or the agenda put forward by politicians when the claim that "we will Build Back Better." 

What is attempting to happen is also known as "disaster economics" and "predatory capitalism". The plan of the global elite includes a far-flung attempt at creating "Order out of Chaos" or "Ordo Ab Chao." Said in a different way, order out of chaos.​

We invite you to visit our partner site in going much deeper into this topic of the pandemic as a biological weapon meant to create the New World Order.  The planning of this barely conceivable plan is covered in this episode of our documentary series Planned Chaos.

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