The World is Waking Up and Rising

Join the worldwide movement to wake others up regarding vaccines, masking, unlawful mandates, and abuse of power. Get the facts. Share the truth.


On March 20, 2021, we will stand side by side with people from all over the world for our freedom!

One day – all together!

We will make it clear that the government’s attempts to divide us have been unsuccessful. Together we will ALL demonstrate against the current Corona measures!

We have at least ONE COMMON GOAL!With live streams from different countries, together we will form the biggest demonstration of the current time! Because #wearenotalone.

Be there and let’s make a statement!

Without knowledge we are blind. This moment tries us all. If we do not rise up against tyranny – what will you tell your children? What did YOU do in this moment?

Taking to public assemblies is but one way to show the controllers and profiteers that they are not in control as they think. Humanity has questions. Doctors have research. Virologists have science. Together the growing numbers of voices that descent from the mass-hysteria narrative are asking one simple request: listen to our concerns!

Censorship is not science

Not researching valid questions – of which there are more than 100 top-lined on this website – is NOT AN OPTION. Scientific method REQUIRES researching ALL QUESTIONS and QUESTIONING "SETTLED SCIENCE."

Join in with those around the world who've done 100,000,000's of hours of collected research into the so-called epidemic that has shaped our generation and will form the impressions of our children.

Information can be found on our channel:

We would like to thank you in advance for your great support!

It would not be possible without you!


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